Friday, 12 August 2011

An Active Lifestyle Keeps Me Happy

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather here in Vancouver. I played tennis a little earlier with the boy and it was lots of fun!

Speaking of tennis, I want to share my love for being active! It's really important for me to stay active because it keeps me fit and healthy (of course), happy, and full of energy. I'm the kind of person that can't stay still for too long so being active comes naturally to me. Don't get me wrong, I do get lazy every now and then but I am usually always up for something active.

I love all sorts of activities that keep me fit but some of my favourites are hiking, biking, boot camp and running.

I love the challenge that hiking brings. Going up those steep hills, your legs burning. There's is often a reward after hiking though - beautiful views and the satisfaction that you succeeded.

Biking is just so much fun. I love wizzing by the city streets and feeling the wind against my face. I also love challenging myself by peddling through steep inclines.

I was introduced to boot camp in the last year and it is awesome, hard work but AWESOME. Boot camp kicks my ass and pushes me out of my fitness comfort zone. Thanks to my awesome boot camp instructor Russel (highly recommend him!), I have lost weight and inches and I am stronger!

Running gets my endorphins going, is a great stress-reliever and makes me feel alive. I have taken part in a number of 10k races in the past and boy do you feel amazing as you cross that finish line.

Other activities I love are yoga, walking, tennis (as I mentioned), kayaking and rollerblading.

When I don't do anything active, I just don't feel right. I just have to keep moving otherwise I don't feel... well, normal. It definitely keeps a bright smile on my face and I think that's a really good thing.

Everyone has varying degrees of fitness and activity levels but I really encourage everyone to keep an active lifestyle. It definitely helps improve your mood and your energy level and who doesn't want that?

Have fabulous weekend everyone!!

-Shira :)

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