Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Do What You Love!

Another sunny day in beautiful Vancouver, yay! I also found out from the dentist that I don't have any cavities :) Annnnd I have an interview for an exciting job! It's turning out to be a great day.

Continuing with the positivity, I wanted to express to everyone that you should do what you love! I've come across way too many people that hate their jobs and aren't happy with their life because of it. I do understand that SOMETIMES people have circumstances that can prevent them from having a career they love, however, it usually can be overcome. By doing what you love your job is no longer really "work", it is just something you love doing everyday.

Now, sometimes, people don't always know right away what it is they want to do with their career. It can take some people a while to figure out, and that is just fine. I didn't always know I wanted to be an event planner. It started with me being passionate about marketing and then I took a special events course in college and became quite interested in the field. After college, I had a marketing & sales position which involved some event planning and I started to just fall in love with planning events. My strong organizational, planning and people skills coupled with my marketing and sales background I felt were perfect to succeed as an event planner.

It's sometimes hard to get to a place where you love your job but I believe that anyone can get there. It takes a lot of hard work and determination but it is possible. Being unhappy is really enough motivation to strive for a career that you love.

I believe that everyone is good at something and is passionate about that something. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out that something but when you do, it's pretty awesome!

It makes me happy to know that I have a career that I am passionate about and that I love. I don't think anyone else should settle for less :)

Like Confucius once so wisely said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

-Shira :) 

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