Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Volunteering - Do It!

Volunteering is something that I have started to do in recent years and boy do I wish I started to do it earlier! Currently, I am Event Support for Bright Ideas Event Coordinators and an Event Manager for the Festival of Chocolate. I am really enjoying volunteering because of the satisfaction that it brings me and the support I am providing to great organizations.

Here are the reasons why I think everyone should volunteer:

  • Build your skills and experience. Even if you already may be experienced and have a lot of skills, volunteering is still a great way to build on your skills and experience. I'm sure there is a skill that you could improve on and volunteering can help you with that. I have over 6 years of event experience and I am still learning!
  • It feels good. It's really rewarding to support the success of an organization/cause. Taking the time out of your schedule to reach out and help your community feels good (atleast I think so).
  • Increased network. By volunteering you will work with a number of people and in doing so you will increase your connections and build your network. This could help you down the road when you are looking for employment or need a recommendation. 
  • It could lead to full time work. I would definitely not go into volunteering thinking that you will get a full time job, however, if you impress decision makers and build relationships with the right individuals it may lead to a full time job down the road.
  • Great for your resume. If you have volunteered recently or you are currently volunteering, put it on your resume! Showing employers that you support the community and want to contribute your skills and experience without anything monetary in return will impress them and help you stand out from the crowd.

If you are currently looking for volunteer opportunities the Festival of Chocolate is currently looking for volunteers, go here for more information: http://festivalofchocolate.ca/en/contact/volunteers/

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and give back to your community!

-Shira :)

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