Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Goals

Hellloooo! Sorry AGAIN for my lack of posts. My bad! I'm going to try my best to be more regular :)

So to go along with my 2011 accomplishments I am going to lay out my goals for 2012! Very exciting :D

Attain my CMP designation (Certified Meeting Professional). I want to further my education in events and get my CMP designation. It will show my clients and others in the industry that I am competent in planning and executing events. It will display that I am serious about managing events and increase my overall event knowledge. I am SO excited to start working towards getting my designation. I'm signing up for a CMP study group and I already bought the books that I need. My goal is to take the exam in November.

Continue to build my event knowledge/experience. Along with getting my CMP designation, I want to keep building my event knowledge and experience through attending event education events (hehe), learning from my colleagues and learning from my current position as an Event Coordinator. I may have over 6 years experience but I think it's important to continue to build my experience and have ongoing education.

Become a member of MPI (Meeting Planners International). I actually have already done this but I wanted to put it in anyways! I really don't know why I didn't become a member sooner. I can take advantage of all the event education resources tools they have, connect with other event planners and suppliers and attend awesome MPI events. I attended my first MPI event on event technology today and I absolutely loved it!

Continue to educate others. I will keep on educating others on event planning through my blog. I love sharing my knowledge of events with others, I mean, why keep it all in my head? Why not share the wealth? I will definitely continue to post relevant and interesting content, that's a promise! :)

Blog more. This of course relates to the above. I definitely want to blog on a more regular basis. My posts have been a bit sporadic lately and I want to be more consistent and post more often. There will of course be times where I get busy and can't post as often but that's understandable :)

Lower/eliminate my debt. I do have a bit of debt that I have to eliminate. It may be a bit overly ambitious for me to strive to get rid of this debt this year, so I may be able to just lower it significantly and pay off the rest in 2013. I would of course love to pay it off all this year but it may not be realistic. I would love to be debt free again, it is so liberating!!

Continue to stay active/be healthy. This is a pretty important goal. I want to continue to stay active on a regular basis. This means going to boot camp, doing my at home workouts, biking, hiking, yoga and more! I also need to eat healthy on a more regular basis. Staying active and eating healthy will give me more energy, make me feel great and help me maintain a healthy weight. This year I hope to lose the last few pounds and tone my body.

Develop new relationships. While I will of course maintain the relationships I already have, I want to develop new relationships just like I did in 2011. I will achieve this goal by attending a number of MPI, event industry and networking events. I will also go to a number of social events and regularly attend the CMP study group.

Try new things. I want to break out of the same ol' same ol' and try out new things. It makes life interesting and less routine! I haven't entirely thought this through yet so I will post more details on this in a future post :)

WOW! Those are a lot of goals! And you know what?? I am going to achieve them all! YEAH!

Stay tuned for my first event planning advice post of 2012!

-Shira :)

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