Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I Did It!!

So the reason I had a REALLY good day yesterday was because.....*drum roll please*.... I GOT A FULL TIME JOB! I didn't want to announce it yesterday because the offer wasn't signed yet but now that it has I just had to make the big announcement. I will be an Events Coordinator for a company called Mitacs. They provide training and research programs for up and coming researchers and innovators. I will be organizing educational events/programs. I am so incredibly happy and excited!! I was completely elated when they called to say I got the job, it was an amazing feeling :)

These past 7 months have been combination of things - stressful, exciting, emotional. There were times where I was down on myself but I pushed through and kept an overall positive outlook. I think this transition period has made me a much stronger person. I have also learned a lot about myself  - the good and the bad.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and did things that I hadn't really done before or done very often - volunteering, creating a blog, networking, boot camp (lost 10 lbs!). Volunteering allowed me to give back, provide my expertise to organizations, further develop my skills and experience and build my network. My blog has allowed me to share my event knowledge, help others and express myself. Networking has improved my confidence and increased my network. Boot camp has made me feel amazing inside and out and has pushed my boundaries (in a good way).

My job search was definitely not a walk in the park but it has taught me to be patient and continue to persevere. Through reading a multitude of career/job search articles and taking friend's advice, I implemented a number of strategies to improve my chances of landing my ideal event job. And you know what? It worked. It took some time, but it really worked!!

I am totally on cloud 9 right now and I don't think I will come down anytime soon! I want to thank all of those that helped me with my job search and supported me through this transition period. I don't know what I would do without my support system.

I am all smiles :D

-Shira :)


Diana said...

GONGRATULATIONS Shira! I'm also very happy for you! You transfered you joyness to me :)
And I am inspired by your experience!
Thanks for your "support"!

ShiraG said...

Thanks so much Diana! Your kind words mean a lot :)