Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Remaining Calm in High Stress Situations

I have had a REALLY good day, I will just say that for now ;)

Throughout my years as an event planner, I have been in a lot of high stress situations. Juggling a multitude of tasks while trying to meet a number of deadlines, setting up an event minutes before the event opening, coming up with quick and efficient solutions for day-of event issues... I could go on! Organizing events can be very stressful and overwhelming at certain times but it's all about how you handle and deal with that stress.

Here are some tips on how to remain calm and focused in high stress situations:

Stay organized. I have said this time and time again, it's important to stay organized. Use spreadsheets, calendars, task lists, Word documents and project management software often. These tools will keep you organized. When you are organized, you are less likely to become overwhelmed and stressed.

Analyze then react. Usually our immediate gut response is to freak out during a high stress situation. This type of response will not solve anything and cause others around you to become stressed. You will also appear as though you are not in control of the situation and you are not a professional. The best way is to digest and analyze the situation you are in and then react in a calm, professional manner. This type of reaction will show others that you are confident in your abilities and can work under pressure.

Review your task list. It's important to review and document all your tasks and determine their order of priority so that you have a visual of what needs to be complete and you don't become overwhelmed. Keeping all your tasks in your head is definitely a great way for you to become stressed, so I strongly advise that you lay out all your tasks that need to be complete.

Don't take on too much. Set realistic expectations for yourself. We often think we can take on so much but there is a point where it can become too much. One can only take on a certain amount tasks before they lose focus and start making mistakes. It's ok to set limits for yourself. Only take on what you think you can handle.

If you are calm and confident in high stress situations, you will be a successful event professional.

-Shira :)

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