Monday, 17 October 2011

I love Halloween!

Howdy! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I did! It was full of pumpkin carving, dinner with friends, yummy brunch with a new friend, walking with the boy and zombie watching. The weather was super nice too!

It's October! Yes, it's sad, summer is officially gone buuut October is a pretty awesome month, you know why? It's Halloween season! I just love everything about Halloween, it is just so much fun.

Here are the things I love about this season:

Carving pumpkins - I love how a regular old pumpkin becomes alive when the carving is complete

Scary movies  - I love scary movies in general but they are so much more fun to watch during this season. There are always tons of scary movies on TV. I absolutely LOVE getting scared. In fact, I am watching The Hills Have Eyes as we speak and it is pretty darn gruesome!

Dressing up - This is pretty obvious, but I love dressing up for Halloween. It's fun to get creative and pretend to be someone else for a day!

Seeing others dress up
-  I really enjoy seeing others costumes. I have seen some pretty creative stuff in the past few years. It's really interesting to see what people come up with every year. It's also awesome seeing little ones dress up, they are always so cute!

Candy - Yes, one of my weaknesses is candy. I love the wide selection of candy that comes out for this season. I know it's really for the kids but I just can't help myself :)
Parties - There is often a good Halloween party to go to every year and it's usually a lot of fun. The costumes, the treats, it's good times!

Costume contests - It's always fun to compete in costume contests. When there is a contest involved people are usually very creative with their costume

Haunted houses - 
As I said above I absolutely love getting scared and haunted houses definitely get me freaked out. Some people think I'm a little nutty for liking them but it's just so much fun to walk through a dark house and wondering if something scary is going to jump out at you.

Enjoy Halloween everyone!

-Shira :)

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