Monday, 31 October 2011

Working as a Team

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!! Today I dressed up as Super Planner and I won most original costume at work, yay!

I have to apologize for my extreme lack of blog posts. I have been super busy helping execute a conference the past week. I'm sure you can understand!

Through my experience as an event planner I have realized that it's really important to be a team player. There are usually a number of people besides the event planner that help make an event successful. This includes but is not limited to catering, designers, event assistants, marketing coordinators, public relations and volunteers. Working as a team is important to ensure everyone is valued and working towards the success of an event.

Here are some great ways to maintain a strong events team:

Frequent Communication. It's important to communicate to the team on a frequent basis to make sure that everyone has up to date event information and to ensure there isn't any confusion. Frequent communication includes ongoing meetings, phone calls and email.

Outline Your Needs. Be sure to articulate your event needs to the team. A great way to outline your needs is to provide each team member with an event plan. The event plan typically includes the event's goals, theme, vision, stakeholders, date, time and location. By outlining your needs your event team will know have a clear understanding of your event vision and expectations.

Provide Your Deadlines. At the beginning of the event planning process it is best to inform your team of your various deadlines, particularly the ones that apply to each event team member. By knowing the event deadlines, your team will know what needs to be complete and will make sure all the various tasks are complete in time.

Thank Them. This may be obvious to some but it's important to thank your team for their work and contributions. Your event would definitely not be successful without the help of your team, so show your appreciation. Thanking them will show that they feel valued and important and contributed towards a successful event.

That's all folks! Hope everyone is having a great Halloween! (I'm watching The Shining, sooo freaky!

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